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                 Sinko Air Conditioning (Thailand) Co., Ltd. [STI] was established in 2003. Currently, the factory is located at Bangplee, Samutprakarn. STI is a joint venture with Sinko Industries Ltd. (Japan Headquarter) that It has been registered capital of 103 million baht.

Sinko operates a Central Air Conditioning Equipment business such as FCU, AHU, Chiller etc.  Sinko, an Industry leader in air conditioning technology for saving energy, develops an air conditioning system that is friendly to the health and environment.

The Sinko Group’s air conditioner products are good quality, good durable, good Material that customer know they can trust. Our products are suitable for the Luxury five-star hotel segment, shopping center, Hospital, factory and etc…

In addition, the company has expanded its presence worldwide. For example;

                             Southeast Asia – Thailand, Philippine, Indonesian, Myanmar, Vietnam etc.

                             Northeast Asia – China, Taiwan, Korea etc.

                             Middle East – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran.

                             Others – India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

                 The main products of STI is

          1.Air Side: Fan coil Unit.

          2.Air handling unit Chiller: Air-cooled Chiller, Water cooled chiller, Heat recovery unit etc.           

Business Philosophy

“Quality is the Best, Customers are the most important, Focus on improve change, Proceed sustainable Business”

QA/Quality Policy 

“Develop our techniques, Control Cost of production, Focus on quality, improve Work efficiency”